Land Acquistion

TJA Clean Energy specializes in development of commercial solar solutions. Our land acquisition teams uncover development potential of underused parcels for renewable energy sources. This offers highly lucrative returns for land owners and investors, and provides invaluable distribution of community solar energy.

Land Purchase
TJA Clean Energy scouts potential parcels for purchase and development of solar systems. We facilitate the purchase of land on behalf of clients who wish to embark on a renewable energy source; and for our own architecture of solar solutions for resale to energy companies. When parcels come to our attention, TJA engineers determine the viability and gains potential. We ensure finances are in place to mitigate risk, and we work quickly to facilitate the escrow process to provide land owners with profits immediately following an expedited close of sale.

Lease Options
Landowners are encouraged to explore the revenue potential that large underused parcels could yield from solar energy solutions. TJA Clean Energy helps you establish long-term lease options for usage including development of community-based renewable energy. Unlike large corporations that could take months to see returns and result in late payments, TJA’s small team is your direct partner in a lease agreement – ensuring payment in a timely fashion each year. Our dedication to client service is evident by our prompt attention to all inquiries, and long-lasting partnerships with property owners.