Community solar initiatives are on the rise. The opportunities for municipalities to benefit from sustainable energy are increasing exponentially. For some areas, this represents an untapped revenue source that could supplement a region’s annual budget, and transform power sources to municipal buildings.

TJA Clean Energy is a leader in green energy solutions and a trusted partner of towns throughout the Northeast. We work with administrators and governing parties to identify the potential of commercial solar power in the area that would benefit the municipality.

Based on market trends and land value, we conduct a thorough assessment of underused parcels to determine revenue streams and the possibilities of auxiliary power from commercial solar initiatives. TJA Clean Energy engineers a comprehensive plan for your town, and manages the complete construction process of your solar solution to get you off the grid and onto an eco-friendly, cost-effective power source faster.

A Partnership with TJA Clean Energy for Municipalities 

  • Parcel assessment and opportunities for solar solutions
  • Engineer a comprehensive “off-grid” plan for municipal buildings
  • Identify opportunities for land lease or purchase
  • Permitting of commercial solar solutions
  • Full construction of solar solutions
  • Personalized service and support guaranteed

Innovation. Expertise. Service.
For close to ten years, TJA Clean Energy has been a leading partner in sustainable energy. Our complete EPC Process of engineering, procuring, and constructing solar solutions presents a variety of opportunities for land owners, corporations, and municipalities. Our dedication to best-in-class solar energy has become a viable, cost-effective solution that is changing the way we harness power.