Solar Facility Owners

A collaboration with TJA represents an expedited investment in solar energy. Our complete setup includes land acquisition, permitting, and construction.

TJA partners with solar energy companies in the Northeast, and offers a database of potential land owners with parcels available for commercial solar solutions. We facilitate the purchase or initiate the lease option on your behalf, and oversee construction of a fully optimized solar system – from permitting to installation.

This unique partnership represents a dedication to sustainable energy and green engineering. Our experts engineer best-in-class community solar solutions that are available for purchase. From newly constructed solar panel parcels to ready-to-build land and consulting services, we facilitate your next renewable energy initiative faster.

A Partnership with TJA Clean Energy for Municipalities 

  • Acquire full solar systems from TJA
  • Identify land parcels for development
  • Purchase or develop lease options
  • Full permitting and construction of solar solutions
  • Personalized service and support guaranteed

Innovation. Expertise. Service.
For close to ten years, TJA Clean Energy has been a leading partner in sustainable energy. Our complete EPC Process of engineering, procuring, and constructing solar solutions presents a variety of opportunities for land owners, corporations, and municipalities. Our dedication to best-in-class solar energy has become a viable, cost-effective solution that is changing the way we harness power.